Wondering Which diverticulitis Treatments WORK?

With all of the diverticulitis diet treatments and products it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. That is why we created diverticulitis-diet.info. With the help of industry experts, published clinical studies, and consumer reviews we have narrowed your search down to the 3 best diverticulitis products and treatments. So you can rest assured you are getting maximum results for each dollar you spend.

We rank each diverticulitis treatment product based on the following criteria:

After ranking the products we even searched the web for the best online retailers for you to buy them! Now you can buy the best diverticulitis products, at the best price, from the retailers with the best customer service!

Top 3 Diverticulitis Products we found!

Great Taste No Pain

Each six-manual collection (five instant pdf downloads and a 176 page book of recipes and diet recommendations) retails for $60. The Best Price Online is $39.97

#1 Great Taste, No Pain!

overall: 99%

Great Taste No Pain! by Sherry Brescia is a set of six manuals. It's simple, fast, effective, and the recipes are delicious. Here's a recent review from Eric Brower:

For the past seventeen years, off and on, I have suffered from bouts of diverticulitis, to the point that I was "sick" and on almost total bed rest for weeks on end. My own medical doctor would give me the usual treatment of heavy antibiotics and clear diet (broth/jello) until things would "settle down."

Never once did he inform me that it was my poor choices in not only what I was eating, but as important - what I was eating together.

My last bout of the diverticulitis was no sooner "treated" the traditional way when it came back with a vengeance on the rebound - the very first time I unknowingly violated your common sense rules on eating and dietary choices.

Since ordering your book (and listening to Mike's Think Right Now CD's on diet and healthy eating) I have not had an episode of diverticulitis, have not needed any medication for "treating" it, have lost weight without any hunger and most importantly - canceled my surgery for bowel reconstruction.
I am well on my way to regaining an Alkaline/Acid balance that will support long term vitality by following your recommendations.

We think that Great Taste No Pain is simply the best product on the market for diverticulitis and diverticulosis sufferers.

Best Price Found Online: $39.97

Lean N Clean Bottle

Each 60 dose supply bottle retails for $59.99. The Best Price Online is $41.95

#2 Lean N Clean

overall: 96%

Lean N Clean has saved me from having colon surgery! 
Submitted by Irene B, of Tracy, CA , Submitted 6/5/2008 

I suffered from diverticulitis and IBS for 5 to 6 years. I used to have cramping, bloating, a lot of gas, constipation and abdominal pain from mild to severe. I felt so uncomfortable all the time that it interfered with my work. I was irritable because it was not a subject I want to share with other people. My doctor prescribed Bentyl and Librax for me. These drugs were only giving me symptomatic relief. My diverticulitis deteriorated to the point that my doctor wanted me to have surgery to remove part of my colon. I found the product; Lean-N-Clean at a spa tradeshow in Las Vegas in June 2003 and decided to give it a try. I experienced 100% improvement in one month. Lean-N-Clean has saved me from having colon surgery! Even though I no longer have any diverticulitis and IBS symptoms, I continue to take Lean-N-Clean as a maintenance therapy. I have been taking it for 3 years now. Even my doctor approved it.

This is just a small sample of the many rave reviews Lean-n-Clean has gotten from its customers suffering from diverticulitis.  More can be found on the Lean-N-Clean website.

Click here for more info on Lean-N-Clean.

Best Price Found Online: $41.95

bottle of amp floracel

A one-month supply (one bottle, 270 capsules) costs $149.99

#3 Amp Floracel

overall: 93%

I suffered with diverticulosis for years and almost ended up in the hospital a few times. I got online and saw your ad read all the info and ordered the capsules. I followed the instructions and the result was fantastic. I am now in my fifth year of taking the capsules and still no major outbreak of diverticulosis. With a good diet and A.M.P Floracel I had great success. Robert K Norwalk, Ct

Best Price Found Online: $149.99